If you won’t even look at me
The tragedy of the bipolar victim is also the tragedy of those who love the victim. And in some ways it sheds light on a degree of bipolarity in society—the problem, that is, of getting through to each other when the phases of our lives are not in sync.
This poem, , is about this dilemma. The speaker loves a victimof bipolar disorder, and the victim is often a lovable, loving and accessible person the speaker momentarily forgets—and then remembers— that he addressing the victim of a tragic disorder.
He knows this will happen again and again as his beloved cycles through the phases of her disorder, aware of her own plight, distrustful of those who seek to help, angry, and yet bravely determined assert herself over her horrific handicap.
She can’t in this moment understand what she at other times does understand, that her tragedy is also her lover’s.
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